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We are super excited to welcome you to the 2022 Counselor in Training Day Program at Camp Puh'tok!


Your Program Director will be Charlotte Fulwiler.


Please find important information below:


Daily Schedule

Please plan to arrive at Camp Puh’tok at 8:30 each day, with pick up at 5:30 PM.  If you are registered to take the bus from the Towson Y you will need to arrive at the Y by 8:00 AM and the bus will return to the Y by 5:30 PM


Camp Puh'tok

Your summer CIT program will be taking place in the woods at Camp Puh'tok in Monkton, Maryland. Puh'tok is located about 30 minutes North of Baltimore City. You will be spending most of your days outdoors in all types of weather from hot and humid to cool and rainy.


What to Bring

Please come prepared each day to camp with a backpack, water bottle, rain poncho, umbrella, and daily snacks, a bathing suit, sunscreen, and a towel. If the weather requires it, please bring a jacket or sweatshirt. You are welcome to bring additional food and snacks if you would like. You will be able to have a phone to contact home for pickup but should not be on your phone at any time while with campers.


Daily Suggested Dress Code

**Make sure all clothing is active athletic wear.**

  • Conservative t-shirt or other shirt that:

    • Covers your chest and stomach

    • You can get dirty

    • You feel comfortable sweating in during extreme heat

    • Displays no profanity, sexual innuendo, references to drugs/alcohol/paraphernalia, or gang references

    • You feel comfortable wearing around both children and professionals

  • Shorts that:

    • You can run in

    • You can stretch in

    • Covers your underwear

    • Comes down to about your thumbs when you drop your arms by your sides

    • You feel comfortable wearing in extreme heat

  • Shoes that:

    • You can run in

    • You can get dirty

    • Are not flip-flops or sandals* (*although you can bring an additional pair of flip-flops for time by the pool)

    • Have a back

  • A swimsuit that:

    • Is a one-piece or tankini (for those who identify as female)

    • Is swim trunks, not a Speedo (for those who identify as male)

    • You feel comfortable wearing around both children and professionals

  • (Optional) Headwear that:

    • Protects your hair while you work in the rain

    • Protects your hair while you work in the sun

    • Protects your eyes from sun

    • Displays no profanity, sexual innuendo, references to drugs/alcohol/paraphernalia, or gang references  

    • You can sweat in


Daily Schedule

CITs will participate in a variety of camp program activities as well as daily leadership and workforce development workshops and activities. CITs will participate in camp programs including Archery, Arts and Crafts, Canoeing, Tubing, Nature, Field Games, BB’s, Native American Crafts, Rock Climbing, Zip Line, Low Ropes Course, Horsemanship, Team-Building, Hiking etc. Although these activities may be new to you, there will be a trained instructor who will lead you through each activity, so coming with a willingness to try new things and a sense of adventure will be important. 


Training Topics

Time management, communication, conflict resolution, child development, emergency procedures, financial literacy, team-building, program development, group management, positive youth development, and restorative practices.



  • Your priority will be ensuring the safety of the campers, staff members, and yourself

  • You will be on time for your CIT programs

  • You will be present throughout the time you've committed to CIT 

  • Your phone and headphones will be out of sight and will not be used except for scheduled breaks and emergencies

  • You will be an engaged leader and learner in ALL program areas and when working with campers

  • You will participate in programming outside regardless of weather conditions (see "Daily Suggested Dress Code" above)

  • You will request time off using the procedure outlined for you by the CIT Director.

  • You will accept feedback from the CIT Director and other staff members and use it to reflect on and improve your performance if necessary

  • You will work collaboratively every day in a team environment with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives

  • You will resolve conflicts in a productive way, seeking help when necessary

  • You will seek opportunities to be helpful to those around you

  • You will respect Y of Central Maryland and Camp Puh'tok traditions, culture, and values, even if they are different than your own

  • You will be a positive role model

  • You will keep information you learn about campers confidential 


If your health forms and waivers have not yet been completed please do so via the ePACT system as soon as possible.  If you do not have access to your account please contact for assistance.

Contact: 410-329-6590 or

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