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Welcome to Camp Puh'tok! Please find information regarding Camp Puh'tok's Day Camp program below:



Camp Puh'tok provides lunch daily for all campers. We will be sending out a lunch menu at a later date. If your child would prefer to pack their own lunch, please provide your camper with a non-perishable lunch. Lunches cannot be microwaved or refrigerated. 



If you indicated during registration that your camper has an emergency allergy or medical need, you will need to ensure the following forms have been uploaded in your ePACT account where you completed your online health forms and waivers.

1. Medication Administration Authorization Form - This form must be signed by your camper's prescribing physician. We cannot accept any medication, prescription or over-the-counter, without this form completely and accurately filled out.

2. Allergy & Medical Emergency Care Plan - This form is completed in ePACT and is required for any camper with a serious allergy or medical condition. This is completed online by the parent and does not need to be signed by a physician.


Our camp nurse will be at check-in every Monday morning to ensure medication is processed and forms are completed. 



Remember daily items required for your camp experience including: backpack, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, plastic bag for wet clothing and change of clothes in labeled bag. 

Please pack a reusable water bottle each day with your camper. Be sure to label all items in your campers backpack including the water bottle with your campers full name



Please apply sunscreen to your child prior to the start of their camp day. Campers will have daily reminders and opportunities to reapply sunscreen throughout their day. If your child requires assistance applying sunscreen, please pack them sunscreen spray instead of lotion. 


Please dress your child with their bathing suit under their clothing in order to expedite the free swim process. Two piece bathing suits are recommended for female campers for bathroom visits. Campers will change out of their wet bathing suits after they swim. 


Please have children wear closed-toe shoes or sandals with a backstrap that can get dirty and wet. Closed-toe shoes are required for campers to participate in certain activities. 


Some optional items may be packed as well. This may include jackets/ ponchos for cold or rainy days. This also may include swim goggles, floaties/ lifejackets, and swim shoes. 




Car-side drop off: 8:30 AM-9:00 AM Please note, that we cannot accept campers before 8:30AM

Pick-Up 5:00-5:30 PM


  • Camp Puh’tok has a rolling drop off and pick up process. We ask that all parents/ guardians and any other occupants remain in their vehicles during this time. Follow our signage and associates to use the drive through drop off and pick up line.

  • Campers must be checked in and checked out at our office each day. After a camper is checked in or out, parents/ guardians must drive to their campers designated group area. Campers will be escorted to their vehicles each day by a staff member. 

  • We ask that campers are not picked up before 4:30 p.m unless previously discussed with day camp managers prior to being checked in, as campers are still involved in activities throughout camp until 4:30.


EPACT PROCEDURE (FOR DROP OFF AND PICK UP) Please see QR Code Instructions attached

  • Please have your ePACT QR code ready for camper check-in and check out.

When you pull up your epact account on your phone there is a Family App icon.  Click on that icon and log in and it will immediately bring up a QR code that you can use for pick up and drop off.

  • Place your camper's name(s) on a large piece of paper on the driver side dash to assist our associates with accessing your account quickly

  • Please adhere to the scheduled drop off and pick times



If your child is registered for transportation from the Towson Y please arrive at the Y parking lot at 8:15 in order for the bus to leave for Puh'tok by 8:30 AM.


Please plan to meet for the bus in front of the main gym entrance. You will need to park in a parking space and walk your child up to sign them in. The bus will be pulling inside the circle, so please make sure that you do not idle in that space. It is required that parents wait with their child until they have been signed in and enter the bus. 


The bus will be dropping off the children in the same location. Please make sure that you park in a parking space and walk over to sign out your child. 


The bus will leave from Puh'tok between 4:45 and 5:00 PM and will arrive at the Towson Y between 5:15 and 5:30 daily.



Campers are scheduled two hours of pool time each camp day (one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon).


Camp Puh’tok does require campers to pass a swim test to enter certain areas of the pool. Our swim test is OPTIONAL, campers may still enter the pool without taking or passing it. All campers are offered the opportunity to take a swim test on the Monday of each week of camp, tests cannot be taken later on in the week. If children choose not to take a swim test or do not pass the test, then they must stay in the shallow end (up to 3 feet deep) of the pool. Campers must take the swim test to enter the middle end (4-6 feet deep) and deep end (6-10 feet deep). 


The middle end test requires campers to do three laps across the width of the pool without touching the bottom and tread water for one minute. If your camper passes they will receive a red band meaning they can swim in the shallow and middle section only.


The deep end test requires campers to do six laps across the width of the pool without touching the bottom and tread water for two minutes. If your camper passes they will receive a blue band meaning they can swim throughout the entire pool.


Campers will need to keep their swim band on the entire week, please do not take them off. Please understand that whether your camper passes the swim test is up to the lifeguard’s discretion and their.  The lifeguards have to test a large number of campers so campers will not have multiple chances to take the test. 


Day Camp Daily Schedule


Each camp day includes the following programs;


  • Two specialty programs (program options include horsemanship, climbing tower, field games, low ropes, homestead, nature, arts and crafts, archery, marksmanship)

  • A morning and afternoon swim

  • Lunch and snack time

  • Field time and an activity related to the theme of that week


Below is a sample schedule for your camper


8:30-9:00 Camper Arrival

9:00-10:30 First Program 

10:30-11:30 Swim

11:30-12:15 Lunch

12:15-1:15 Theme

1:15-2:15 Second Program

2:15-3:00 Snack

3:00-4:00 Swim

4:00-5:00 Field

5:00-5:30 Camper Pick up


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns to


Looking forward to a fantastic summer!

Contact: 410-329-6590 or

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